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Their home is the Astrodo Their horses are in front, running a bit closer Their initials can be fou Their lines are often cro Their lines have ties: Ab Their mascot is Handsome Their members were bound to work under strict supervision Their milk is used to mak Their motto is "North to Their names may start wit Their necks can turn Their nights are frequent Their outsides are usuall Their parents are parasit Their parts are usually u Their points are guarded Their points are made blu Their priority is number Their quarters are combed for food Their resting places have their points Their scores may accompan Their scores may be on tr Their service is impeccab Their speech is never straightforward Their timing is off the cuff?

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This updated and gritted up western is awesome. Acting is top notch to go with the twisting and turning plot line. Great bad guys chase the good guys and vice versa.

Hell on Wheels actually gets better as the seasons progress. Westerns are maybe an acquired taste, and it does have some brutal violence at times.

So, get over it, and watch it. If you haven't yet grabbed a Kindle, just do it, as Nike says. I have the 9 inch HDX with 18gb get more GB's and videos on this unit blow away any other iPad-like device on the market.

These videos like Hell on Wheels look ridiculously good on the x x is your HDTV's resolution screen that is the industry leader for clarity.

Even with my glasses on, I cannot see a pixel from 6 inches away. Try that with your device! Get Hell on Wheels for your Kindle and you will love it, and can also be played on your Playstation or computer too.

Fantastic show, the best western in a very long time. Cullen Bohannon is the type of character that we haven't seen since the likes of Clint Eastwood's characters of his youth and some of "The Duke's" characters.

The writing cinema photography and all the rest that makes this a standout show, are beyond much of what we see today. At last, real men, have someone that they can identify with, not some Ceta male that we all see today.

This man lives by his own terms and is as cunning as he his tough. The rest of the male and female leads and many of the secondary characters as written and directed just as strong.

This is also a great "Period Piece" and is based on the westward move to explorer and conquer the elements and the obstacles brought forth by a new world.

The shows give a prime example of what really made America what it is today. All involved should be commended.

Colm Meany's Durrant is a perfect foil for Cullen. Anson Mount plays to his strengths and always gives a stunning performance. The series evolved, right up to the last episode of Season 4, from one of an interesting perspective of the pains resulting from civil war to one fully degraded and lacking any semblance of graciousness, principle, moral ethic or human sensibility.

Besides all that, the series did grave injustice to historical accuracy, established and documented western states religious groups, and honored civic leaders.

The writers of some of the episodes were downright ignorant of facts and how things actually were in the late s in Wyoming and Utah. I have lived in Utah twice and Wyoming three times in my 77 years, but did not recognize or appreciate what this production did in leveling them down to Hell.

The end product was ugly and muddy, without any semblance of what is good in man. Will I watch season 5? Television shows and movies that depict history should make an attempt to be somewhat accurate, at least as far as actual events and people are concerned.

In season 4 of this show the writers really screwed up. For example, there were very few, if any, Mormons who settled in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area which is in the eastern edge of the state.

They lived in the lower Great Plains, getting no farther north than southern Colorado. In fact, Texas was where they were the most dominate.

The writers should be ashamed of themselves! This is a unique series that keeps getting better and better. The plot and the characters are complex and full of surprises.

You see what truly different types of individuals it takes to risk everything to build something and those individuals that tag along later, hoping to earn or steal a piece of the action.

And then there are those "officially appointed" opportunists that fall into a category all by themselves. You start to realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

As you see the base camps go from simple tent towns to the town that grows to be Cheyenne, you start to see "civilization" evolve and you really start to miss the simple ruggedness of life before it.

It will be interesting to see how the characters navigate these changes. Especially Cullen who for me is the most complex character of all.

Oh and where is Elam? Is season 5 the finale? I don't have cable or satellite so I have to rely on buying the season DVD.

Always excellent but it takes them soooo long to release it. Usually around August sometime-- months after the current season is finished but worth the wait.

I'm reading that season 5 will be their last and that's too bad. Are people so not in to westerns anymore that this is the way it goes?

Gunsmoke was on for I believe 20 some odd years? Many western series had very long runs. Too bad that isn't the norm today.

At any rate, if you start at season one and continue you'll be hooked. Sort of like Deadwood only much cleaner language and situations.

The period dress is pretty spot on here too. Season 4 has a bit of a different feel to it then the first 3. With narration and a little bit different camera work, its probably the setting of Cheyenne seems heavenly in comparison to the "Hell on Wheels" camps of the previous seasons, but its still great!

My wife and both love it. It has been great to find a show that we can both equally enjoy. It has everything you ever wanted, action, drama, suspense, plot twists, a great protagonist, and an intensely despised antagonist.

We have been binge watching, trying desperately to catch up to the current episode we are at S4 E4 before we get hit with any spoilers.

I hope they keep up this awesome show! They must have a crew of a dozen guys just to keep up on the mud! This is a show worth watching.

I know there are a lot of choices there nowadays. I put this in my top 8. That may sound like a lot but like I said there are a lot of shows out there nowadays so even saying you have a top 5 is a pretty hard thing.

To let you know what this keeps company with on my list to see if we might have the same taste here you go, in no particular order: Customers also viewed these items.

Hell on Wheels - The Complete Series.

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